What would you do if you were given £40?


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Yes, that’s today’s question? If you were given £40, what would you do with it?

But before we get to that question, perhaps we should ask ‘How do I get £40 to start with?’

Well, there’s a way.

We all know how bookmakers like to take money off a punter – ‘The bookmaker always wins’ etc – but how about if you were guaranteed (yes, guaranteed!) to make money off them instead?

Some of you will know already that I’m talking about Matched Betting. For those of you who don’t, and that’s probably the majority, then I’ll explain.

Firstly, incase you weren’t aware, there’s loads and loads of online bookies out there. Obviously there’s the well known ones who you’ll find in the High Street (Coral, William Hill, Bet Fred etc) but there’s maybe a hundred more online. Which means it’s a competitive market. Very competitive.

As we all know, in a competitive market, companies are fighting for customers. Shops have sales, supermarkets have loyalty cards and BOGOF offers (buy one get one free for the uninitiated) and bookmakers have introductory offers when you sign up online.

Most of these offers are in the form of Bet £10 and get a £30 free bet. The offers vary of course, but most are along those lines.

Now, you’re probably thinking quite correctly, I could lose my £10 and lose on the free bet too and then I’d be £10 down. Quite correct. But, what if you only lost a few pence on the initial £10 bet and were guaranteed to make about £20 on the £30 bet? That would be a game changer, wouldn’t it?

Well, you can and, just to prove it, there’s a free offer which, if you follow the simple instructions, will make you around £40.

The offer is from Profit Accumulator. Follow the link and see what they have to say. And, yes, it is definitely free for the first two offers worth about £40 – I can vouch for that. There’s no catch!

The instructions on their site will guide you through signing up with the first two bookmakers (Coral and Bet Fred at the time of writing) and tell you how to take advantage of their free bet offers.

The key to all this is what’s called a Betting Exchange. At a Betting Exchange site you can ‘lay off’ a particular bet, which means that you are betting against something happening – in this case you would be betting against what you placed a bet on with Coral or Bet Fred. For example, you could place a bet with Coral for Arsenal to beat Chelsea. Then, at the Exchange, you would bet against Arsenal beating Chelsea. The two bets would, bar a few pence, cancel each other out, so you’ve broken even.

Then comes your free bet. You bet £30, again with Coral, on a game with different, higher odds, and lay it off again at the Exchange. This time, because the odds are higher you’ll make money. If you win at the bookmaker you’ll lose at the Exchange. If you lose at the bookmaker you’ll win at the Exchange. But you’ll make money either way, guaranteed.

Then, with money in your bank, you move on to the next bookmaker, in this case Bet Fred, and repeat the same process. That simple process with two bookmakers will make you around £40 depending on the odds.

And there’s loads more bookmakers after that and 99% of them have introductory offers like this. Currently on the Profit Accumulator site there’s 72 introductory offers and you can make money from all of them. It will even tell you on the Profit Accumulator site how much you should be earning from each offer.

If you want to take it further after the first two offers then it does cost money to access the full version of the Profit Accumulator site, which includes the full Oddsmatcher software, daily listings with instructions on each new offer (there are new offers every day), tutorial videos and step-by-step instructions. Plus, after all that – not that you’ll ever finish as the offers are ongoing – then you can move on to the Casino offers which include card games, slots, roulette, blackjack etc as there is free money to be made there too.

If you’re the cautious type, and rightly so, just do the first two free offers from Profit Accumulator and then have a think about it before deciding whether to sign up for either a monthly or an annual subscription. They even do a 7 day subscription for £1 where you can try out the full site. I mean, really, what have you got to lose?

Oh, and one final point. The money you earn is, officially, tax free! Yes, you don’t have to declare it. And there’s not many ways of earning money which you can say that about these days.

You’ve got nothing to lose by having a look and reading about how it works – it might even make more sense than the way I’ve described it here!

And remember, Matched Betting is about betting NOT gambling. There’s a big difference. I’ve been doing this for two months or so and I’ve placed probably a hundred bets but I haven’t gambled once. That’s important.


TIP   Before signing up with any bookmaker for an introductory offer, have a look at a cashback site such as TopCashback. Many of the bookies are on these sites and you can get cashback in addition to the money you earn with Profit Accumulator.


Now, back to the original question. What would you do with £40?  Personally, I used it to make more money by carrying on with Matched Betting after the initial two offers. But I’ll leave that decision up to you!

Use one of the Profit Accumulator links to have a look and try out the first two offers for free.

Thanks for reading.

Jack Diamond


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