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We’ve been very busy on Pinterest recently and added loads more samples of our work.

We use Pinterest because it’s easy to upload files and show samples of what we do. A website can be a bit limited when you’re producing hundreds of maps and want to display them, but Pinterest fits the bill perfectly.

And, when we say hundreds of maps we mean, literally, hundreds of maps.

Over the past week or so we’ve added around 400 images to our boards on Pinterest. We now have separate boards showing samples of Transport Maps, Location Maps, Walk Maps and now UK Town & City Maps (347 of these alone) – all in addition to our original Customised Mapping board.

So, if you’re looking to see what type of maps we can produce it’s certainly worth taking a look at what we have on Pinterest. And we’ll be adding more as and when time permits.

Here’s the link to our Pinterest boards

If you have a Pinterest board of your own and would like to re-pin any of our maps, feel free. That’s why we put them there.


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