Happy Birthday

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Happy Birthday…to us!

On the 1st October 2014 PCGraphics celebrated it’s 16th birthday. Yes, we started way back in 1998.


We’ve been through some highs and lows in that time. Some of the highlights of the past 16 years were:

• Employing some great people

• Managing to get through those first difficult years when most new companies fail

• Winning some good contracts and having clients who actually become personal friends

• Having fun along the way


And, some of the less good things included:

• Employing a few people who simply weren’t interested in working

• Dealing with all the admin and red tape of running a company

• Trying to understand Balance Sheets


But, we must have been doing something right as we’re still around and doing business when a number of our competitors have gone to the wall.

So, Happy Birthday to us as we start year 17. Here’s to the next 16.



(Where it all began – The Hall, Guildford. Our first offices)


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