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  How we create our maps  

Our maps are created either 'royalty free' or can be based on other publisher's existing mapping. There is a different approach to creating each of these types of maps.

Royalty free mapping - This type of mapping is produced using aerial photography to interpret buildings shapes and road alignments and then on-the-ground surveys to obtain street names etc. This tends to be more expensive because it is more labour intensive than other methods.

UK mapping - Following the freeing up of Ordnance Survey data in April 2010, most UK maps can now be based on O.S. sources without the payment of royalties or licence fees. This makes the production of UK maps much more efficient and therefore less costly to produce. A simple acknowledgement on the map or in the document crediting the use of O.S. data is all that is required these days.

Most of our maps are created in the graphics software Illustrator. This software allows us to export in a number of different formats such as EPS or PDF for high resolution printing or as JPEG images for use on the web.

All our map files are fully layer structured in Illustrator which allows us to make changes to the colour or design of the map quickly and easily. You are welcome to purchase the mapping in Illustrator format but you will probably require Adobe Illustrator in order to edit the files.

 Illustrator page  layers in Illustrator

The map portion above shows the blue keylines and points which are used to create a vector map. These are what the map is made up of and don’t print in the final version. Above right - just a few of the layers on a typical map created in Illustrator.

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